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The Bencomo Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to help families in Miami-Dade County who have lost a loved one and do not have the financial resources to a burial.We firmly believe that having a burial worthy is a right of each person. Based on this premise, we develop our work with a high sense of social responsibility.

Carlos Joel Bencomo

President Bencomo Foundation

The Reason

"When we created the Bencomo Foundation, the first objective was to help 50 families who really did not have the financial resources to bury their loved one and support and advise them throughout the difficult process of saying goodbye.

Bencomo is a private non-profit foundation that works to be present and contribute as much as possible, including the moment of giving Christian burial either partially or completely. Today, thanks to our work, many centers that are dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence and hospices, among others, refer us in various cities. Of course, our Foundation is for those who can prove that they really are having a difficult time financially and reside in Miami Dade County. We work with private funds and today more than ever we need any help that the community can give us. You can also be part of the Bencomo Foundation: we receive donations of cemetery spaces, coffins and in some cases financial contributions.

We know that we are having a difficult time, but we remain very committed to improving our services on a daily basis. Recently, in August, we helped the Ferrera family fire a loved one and completed our first phase. On behalf of the Bencomo Foundation, we thank you in advance for your generosity and willingness to reach out to those who need it most"

Carlos Joel Bencomo

Sonia A. Valdés

Speaker Bencomo Foundation

Who Qualifies to Receive our Help?

We assist families residing in Miami-Dade County, who have lost one of their members in accidents, due to terminal illnesses or other sudden causes. Families that receive government assistance or can proof they do not have resources for funerals services, and disagree with the cremation due to religion or belief. The help must be requested by the family member closest to the deceased person.

For those who unfortunately do not qualify for our help, we suggest visiting the website where a large inventory of properties in the main cemeteries of Miami-Dade County is offered with discounts up to 50% of the price of the regular price.

If you need our help, please fill out the following form carefully and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible to talk with you and evaluate your case.

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